Monday, May 18, 2009

Border crossing, awesome (!) rides, Chapolines and Mezcal

The border is a tiny little different compared to the US one! ;) A single tiny barrier which doesn't even fully close in the road, you can probably just duck and ride through it! A customs guy walks up to it and manually lifts it.

This is not a circuit racetrack. No, it's a Guatemala road, 2 lanes each way no marker, new done, which is like this for about 20 miles. Only one hour between roads like this ...

... and this: I now have a new under- standing of the term "roadblock" !!!

Met Raol, a local from a mountain city Oaxaca on his BMW F650. We were flying through my newest top no.1 highway for riding: 175!!! Turn after turn from the coast through the mountains for 3 hours. He introduced me to a local dish later, "Chapolines". Grasshoppers! I tried it! How it tastes?


After a ruin stop I made my way to Guatemala, I randomly stopped at a tiny Mezcal farm. Mezcal is a local version of Tequila. In the middle of farmland, this is a small building where traditional 4th generation family runs a fully organic production. I had super fresh Mezcal coming straight out of the distillery. Tequila today is mostly industrial produced, so this was a nice experience. Now I know how to make it! :)

Oaxaca: Odometer: 3600 miles, riding time: 71 hours
San Cristobal: Odometer: 4050 miles, riding time: 81 hours
Guatemala border: Odometer: 4150 miles, riding time: 84 hours

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  1. There's a Oaxacan restaurant just a few blocks from our house with chapolines on the menu. Served on top of a quesadilla. We can eat there on your way back up if you'd like. :)

    Alex is very jealous of your mescal experience. His sister brought some back the last time she went to Mexico but it tasted like dirt!