Friday, July 10, 2009


I did almost 10.000 miles in 3 months, it added up to a more than 200 hours ride. It was the dream I had since almost 10 years! I had the greatest time. It changed me and the experience was not just great but also important to me.

I've seen the best (hot!) waterfalls, surfed warm Pacific waves, did Caribbean reef Scuba diving, been to the most gorgeous lake in the world, met awesome locals, went to ruins and soaked up history, stood next to floating hot lava at a volcano, went to huge local biker parties, stayed in remote cabanas, did boating, hiked in the rain forest and much, much more...Highlights in this blog.

That's it! THE END!

Finished the bike trip off with watching the Moto Grand Prix race in Laguna Seca, California. Rossi almost won it again, I will see the GP again next week at Sachsenring, Germany. Had a great time camping with Jason and his friends and watching the action also with Kelley, Alex, Bridget, Scott, Jorge, Deb and Ed. Thanks for sharing the experience with me!

Now back in San Francisco, selling the bike and flying back to Germany on Sunday. Thanks to everybody virtually traveling with me! Was fun to do the blog and stay in touch with so many!!!

San Francisco, CA: 9600 miles, riding time: 205 hours
Laguna Seca, CA: 9450 miles, riding time: 202 hours

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