Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Preparation in San Francisco

Alright, here we go: I'm doing my bike trip through Central America which I am dreaming about since many years! Goal is to have no goal, go with the wind. I'm about to cross some countries like Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and maybe Panama.

After one week in Maui I'm currently in San Francisco in preparation for the trip. Stuff works out pretty good so far.

1. Got a bike. It's the ugliest motherf*cker I ever owned, but hey... ... I don't want to have a bling BMW or Duc stolen 1 mile after crossing the Mexican border! It's a 2007 Kawasaki KLR650. Got a sweet deal on that!

See it here getting new socks on. First thing I did. They should last at least one way. I should be able to find a new rear in San Jose, Costa Rica.

2. Parts. I shopped the most important spare parts for the bike, some are ordered online and should be here in a week.

3. Find me where I am in the middle of nowhere! I got a nice gadget: A GPS tracker! You will be able to see my current location online and those of the past 7 days in Google Maps:

Currently I'm working on some final things, should be good to go in a week from now. I'm shopping for some lockable luggage containers, my friends here and the ADVrider list posting is helping me on that. Also I'm getting an outdoor rugged navigation system with according maps, Craigslist is my friend here. One visit to the DMV, a few more camping items and off I go........

Stay tuned!


  1. Enjoy! May you always have at least half a gallon of gas left!

  2. I wish I could have gone with you...Have an amazing time my friend! -Ray

  3. geil, alter! hals und beinbruch, herr wertenbruch. wir sehen uns am sachsenring...