Saturday, April 4, 2009

Take Off

Left SF after a night stopover at the house of Enrico in San Jose.

Took of next morning, (see picture) and had a sunny warm drive down I5, a good 400 mile ride.

Inital trip went well! I arrived in LA to visit Rose. Had a quick stop at Venice beach and went to visit Kelley. We went to the Rainbow on Sunset Blvd, my favorite rock bar/restaurant in Hollywood. It's like a live museum watching old school rockstars with haircuts from the 80ies. Truly rocks!!!

Note: Please slap me anytime if I mention to move to LA: As usual the worst traffic jams during rush hour.

Tomorrow morning I cross the Mexican border and try to get as fast as I can through northern Mexico and the border area. Currently more people die due to the drug war in Mexico than in Iraq.

A good 400 mile trip to do tomorrow....

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  1. this is totally exciting! can't wait to hear about your adventures.
    Safety third, but stay alive ok?