Sunday, May 31, 2009

Active volcano, new friends at most beautiful lake

Standing 1 meter away from liquid lava erupting from an active volcano! This is an hour away from Antigua which used to be the first capital of Central America and the entire city is now an UNESCO world heritage site.

I'm fascinated since forever by Indian, native American people. Many tribes of Mayas are living in the highlands here and I now have a new 10 year young Indigenous friend who gave me friendship presents and also painted nice pictures for me. This was at amazing Alicias place, she is going to establish a birth hospital here. Her house seems to be turned into the local village Kindergarten.

Lago Atitlan in the highlands is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. Kayaking on crystal clear water, surrounded by 3 volcanoes was awesome!

Lago Atitlan: Odometer: 4300 miles, riding time: 88 hours
Antigua: Odometer: 4480 miles, riding time: 91 hours


  1. That is an awesome shot of Lago Atitlan. I love how the line of the piers leads the viewers eyes into the photo.

    Is that an almost tan German in Photo #1???

    You look great man!


  2. I haven't checked in for awhile--it looks like the adventure surely continues. I need to get down to Guatemala sometime in the near future. Looks lovely, and I've wanted to explore it for awhile. I strongly second your opinion on the locals and the indigenous population. One of my favorite parts of southern Mexico.

    Love the beard, Dirk. Nice look for you--distinguished German traveler. Very nice.

    Where you off to next? Tell us more! How's the money holding up? Looks like you're still traveling on the cheap, keeping options open.

    Speed safely. More pics!