Thursday, June 11, 2009

Honduras: Scuba diving in the Caribbean, strange signs

Spent 4 days on an Caribbean island, I now have a PADI open water diving certification. Today dolphins swam and jumped less than 10 feet next to the boat on the way to the dive site. Water here has more than 30 degrees celsius, you dive in a gigantic bathtub. Did 6 dives in colorful and crystal clear water, one dive sites had a view up to 30 to 50 meters.

You can rent a "Motorcicle" here! I also drove by a Kawosaky shop in Mexico a few weeks ago, unfortunately I didn't take a shot of the big sign.

I just love this street sign! What do you think it's for? Park and drink? Attention, drunk drivers? Drink and drive zone, minimum booze level required? ;)

Honduras Border: Odometer: 5020 miles, riding time: 108 hours
La Ceiba: Odometer: 5264 miles, riding time: 113 hours


  1. I am loving your updates! keep them coming, and we need more! Everyday!

  2. I love signs from other countries, they are much more entertaining. They always say something about the culture of the people that live there.