Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Returning home, crazy drivers, more...

I think I've seen it all! Central America in 3 months! ... after a week surfstop in El Salvador I think it's time to return back home for the summer in Germany!

Latest highlights:

Insane crazy Central American drivers. In the last weeks I got passed by huge flatbed trucks or full buses as I was traveling already at 130 km/h. No, not on freeways, on country roads(!). Drivers passing everywhere, so I don't get a higher pulse anymore coming out of a turn and seeing a bus overtaking a car just a few meters in front of me in my entire lane. I think riding the "chicken bus" is more dangerous than on your own bike. I've seen 2 (scratch that: 3!) different accidents of huge semi trucks. This truck driver had just to much luck, just a scratch on his arm. He blamed it on his total failing brakes. Yeah, right!

A local in front of the court room at Palacio Municipal built in 1536 as Gracias in Honduras was the Central American capital for a short time before it moved later to Antigua, Guatemala.

San Salvador: I found a new way exploring a Central American capital: Just try to find a spare part for your bike! Probably a dozen dealers in the Bay Area carry standard items such as a KLR sprocket. In Salvador I chased from 2 official Kawasaki dealers to another 10 different stores across town until in a hidden corner an old lady got one out of a dusty drawer. yay!

El Salvador border: Odometer: 5610 miles, riding time: 119 hours
La Libertad: Odometer: 5750 miles, riding time: 124 hours
Mexican border returning: 6200 miles, riding time: 140 hours

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  1. It was always fun, following your blog. Most of the times I thought, man he's doing it right. But I'm not keen on kissing a Bus around the corner ;-)

    Looking forward to the beer soaked story tellings in person.

    Have a safe trip home!