Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine flu and other bugga's

No, haven't had an encounter with the swine flu here. Thanks for so many emails for worrying! I believe it's a big media sensation again, however we are all following up the progress in the news. I'm in a remote surfing village with less than 20 souls. Hard for a virus to spread. I have other little issues: Eaten alive by an army of sandflies, I stopped counting at 150 bites just on my right hand and right underarm. I have a little allergic reaction to it. Also my underarm got hit by a jellyfish today. Oh wait, I forgot the bruised rib. And my skin doesn't stop peeling in the intense sun, despite of lots of factor 60 sun block.

Beautiful road to the coast, I tried a video sample. I know it's shaky and hard to watch, before you bitch try to ride with one hand in twisty roads with all your luggage on your bike ;) However, I wanted to share an impression of some of the awesome roads I'm riding. Inland in April is already pretty hot, towards the coast it's nice! I'm south of the tropic of cancer line now, nature is getting a lot more green.

All kinds of animals on the roadside, wild horses, donkeys, pigs, goats, everything. Beautiful isolated beaches down the coast.

Barra de Navidad: Odometer: 2400 miles , riding time: 46 hours
Barra de Ticla: Odometer: 2500 miles, riding time: 48 hours
Barra de Nexpa: Odometer: 2650 miles, riding time: 51 hours


  1. Dirk! I agree with your assessment of the Swine Flu: the more widespread panic and fear the bigger the money making opportunities for not just media, but drug and other large corps, and let's put some political pressure on Mexico while we're at it! ...although that skin peeling may be the start of another pandemic! ;-) Regarding the bug bites and jelly fish looks like the curse is wearing off! ;-)
    That video is awesome! Wow, what a cool road. How many miles of that did you have?
    So, now I see you are in Acapulco...back to civilization! Enjoy the beaches!

  2. Dude, there are lot's of those roads: Endless turns after turn. Everything through the Sierras (this is Sierra Madre del Sur) away from the coast next to the hills or even some parts of the coastal highway 200. The sample is from the 80 from Guadalajara down to Barra de Navidad. Last hour through the sierra is best! I was with 2 other KLRs going 20 minutes wrong way into the country on 37, same! Amazing roads! Roads like that a had for at least 10 hours so far.

    In regards to the swine flu: It's also a very human thing to forecast the end of the world. People do it since they are on this planet. Plus media can get so much out of it until people loose interest. We still have HIV, mad cow disease, bird flue,... just to name a few out there, but people don't seem to worry anymore and media can't sell it anymore. However, I'm pretty safe since I am in little villages and I don't want to see Mexico city anyway.

    Didn't go to the Acapulco beaches, will write another blog update soon.