Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What a blast! The Cuellar bike racer family

Got stuck in the 2nd biggest city in Mexico looking for bike parts. Ran into the nicest man, Antonio, who put in a huge effort helping me to find them. I stayed at his home 2 nights and his wife made me dinner and breakfast. Unreal!!! He is also the dad of a 17 year old superfast Mexican pro racer Richard. Check his site! He won everything in minibike and did well at rookie races. He recently stepped up into 600s national pro racing. This kid deserves sponsors!!!

Guadalajara: Odometer: 2200 miles, riding time 41 hours


  1. hope you're getting through Mexico ASAP given the flu crisis

  2. Thanks for worrying! I think there are way other problems in Guatemala and Central America than the swine flu. Wrote a blog update. I'm fine and I keep out of Mexico city.