Saturday, May 9, 2009

More surfing, Newborn turtles, Acapulco & company

Yet another surfstop. Water keeps on getting warmer, love it!

Locals released hundreds of 2 hour young turtles to do their first ocean swim.

My bike and I got company, met an Australian couple and a Canadian kid with a surfboard rack attached to his bike. All on KLR's, too.

Acapulco is a dirty hole. It's like Waikiki, Hawaii: The city name sounds awesome, but 1 day is enough to understand why you should avoid this city. Touristy, dirty, too many people. But since I watched the Elvis movie as a kid I wanted to see the famous cliff diving live. I've been to the bling restaurant "La Perla" where you can watch the action from your table. All kinds of movie stars and royalty have eaten here before.

So far the only problems with bandits is the corrupt police: Got a second shakedown, but getting pretty pro to deal with this.

Red tide: I've seen the first time in my life an ocean glowing green at night. It's quite amazing. I've stopped in a little surfing village, but the water was bad as I arrived. Algies die off and at night you see phosphor glowing in the waves.

Acapulco: Odometer: 2900 miles, riding time: 56 hours
Puerto Escondido: Odometer: 3400 miles, riding time: 64 hours


  1. OMG the surfboard rack is totally awesome.

    great pics, sounds like you found paradise!

  2. Great shot of the tortugas. To be there at release, that is a dream of mine. AWESOME!

  3. Surfboard rack on a bike? I knew you forgot something. ;-)
    Turtle release, more surfing, great beaches, warm water... what are we still doing here?