Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pirates, hot waterfall, landslide, end of the world

Now I know where Hollywood got the idea of pirate castles from. This was built around 1640 to keep the pirates out, but they took over at some point. It's well kept, looks definitely like made for a pirate movie.

Went to a hot spring: A gorgeous waterfall, seriously hotter as my shower back home. A cool river merges at exactly at
that spot, so you are sitting in cool water, whilst your upper body gets boiled. Little mini Piranha like fish are nagging on your skin when you don't move. Also I went for a nice 1 hour boat ride towards the Caribbean coast on Rio Dulce.

I found the end of the world: Semuc Champey. Only a real bad deadend dirt road leads to here. Fantastic views, a natural limestone bridge above a cool river, multicolored pools to swim and a hike up the hill with an amazing sunset view. Here is the best cave I've ever seen in my life, walked and swam about 1 1/2 hour into it with a candle in one hand. Bats, natural slides, rocks to jump off and it's allowed to touch everything.

Check this little landslide: The entire mountain came down, buried the road and a temporary path was built. Crazy dangerous ride. I'm glad I did some dirt bike training back home, this ride was a challenge with all the weight on the bike. Today I did a 4 hour dirt only ride.

Off to Honduras.

Semuc Champey: Odometer: 4750 miles, riding time: 99 hours
El Estor, hot springs: Odometer: 4830 miles, riding time: 103 hours
Rio Dulce/Livingston: Odometer: 4870 miles, riding time: 104 hours

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  1. Wow. Those are all amazing places, and I had not heard of any of them. I need to get down to Guatemala. SO beautiful! Happy travels in Honduras.