Thursday, July 2, 2009

Bye bye Mexico, Kicks on Route 66

I rode more than 3000 miles in a little over a week! My butt is still the same small size, can't believe it! Back in the US since yesterday and back in California today. I got roasted today at 41 degrees C (106 F) in the Mojave desert.

Bye Bye, Mexico! Besides all the glory I had a really super "shitty" day a few days ago:
The low light: I got food poisoning, full 9 yards: High fever, throwing up, I couldn't digest even water, dehydrated, evil intestine cramps, no processing of food for a week. Plus I struggle with a at least bruised if not broken rib from a surfing accident in El Salvador,I can only sleep on one side.

The day after a rock got thrown up and hit my foot during the ride. Wait, there is more, same day!

Then I got in the heaviest monsum rainstorm and my rainsuit zipper broke.

What a shitty day!

Right now I'm "getting my kicks on Route 66". (Tribute at this point to Lux Interior who did a great cover of this song). I'm staying in the traditional Wigwam Motel (GPS location), one of the last remaining landmarks at the classic Route 66 in the San Bernardino area.

Tepic: 7620 miles, riding time: 175 hours
US Border crossing: 8566 miles, riding time: 187 hours
San Bernardino, CA: 9090 miles, riding time: 195 hours


  1. I see you were more careful with your choose for which cacti photo to post ;)..... Lovin' the updates and looking forward to seeing you soon.

  2. Sounds like a great finish to a great trip. Great to have you at our camp at Laguna Seca. Have you watched the video yet? That finish was closer than it looked for a second there!

    Hopefully we'll catch up before you head back. For now, I, and my body, need much rest. Empty house after a week with so many guests. So exhausted, and we took it easy the last couple days.