Thursday, April 16, 2009

Gone surfing

Gone surfing...

Tried to drown myself in some superstrong monster Pacific waves for the past 3 days. Waves are so powerful, the leash ripped and my board took off. I'm getting better, rode a few waves, still a long way to go. Soooo much fun!!!

On the way down here I ran into a local biker with his nephew (Bahas current no.1 junior swimmer) and we rode and hung out 2 days. They were very patient with me since conversation was only in spanish. Got my second flat tire yesterday, this time much easier, because a mechanic next door is fixing it with his machine while I'm typing this here... :)

Odometer: 1756, Riding time: 32h


  1. Is that Los Cerritos Beach? Not a bad spot. Have you stopped in to see Jaime at the Pescadero Surf Camp, then? I want some pictures (I can't remember what he looks like, but I bought one of his visors so I could see what the world looked like through Jaime's eyes...sort of!). Damn, lots of flats, eh? I never saw nails in the gutters or in the road until I got back stateside. I guessed it was because folks pick up everything they can use down there. Maybe it helped that I was/am always easy on the gas when I go through anywhere that might have sharp things in it (so as not to drive sharp rocks, nails, screws, etc. into the rear tire). Sounds like you got on the throttle when you pulled away from the shoulder with that cop, eh? Love ya, man. Have fun. -Jason
    P.S. Did I tell you that I watched a guy ride a 12 foot wave all the way down that beach? I'm guessing it was about 2 miles, and it totally changed the way I look at surfing. Blew my mind. That outer break is intense when the swells come in. It was 18 feet earlier the same day.

  2. Hi Jason, yupl, that's at Cerritos! I stayed at Jaimies (it's where the GPS signal from last week is from). Very good guy. I will PM you more pics from there. The swim up bar take from the picture site is actually fom that place. Jamie is the most optimistic and trustful person on the entire planet! He let me drive his truck as my wheel was at the shop next door and just gave me his cell phone to setup my ferry ride to mainland. This place I highly recommend!!!

    Second flat tire was not a problem since the Mexican mechanic next door fixed it as I was typing a blog update next to the pool. He charged a fat 70 pesos for that (equals 5 Dollars or 4 Euros). I've shopped way silly things in my life if I compare this value with sitting 4 hours in the desert at dusk and night doing it myself at roadside!

    Alright, getting back to Mexico, thanks for the comment!

  3. Hey, Dirkster! I'm no longer a blogging virgin - this is the first! Since you don't have a mom anymore, I'm the self designated worrying mom :)necessitating much monitoring.
    By the way, got a surprise from Andreas this week - a dozen tulips - whatta guy!

  4. woohoo is that Todos Santos?
    Surfing Baja is something I'd love to do someday... I'll ask you for the good spots so I can go with my truck.
    In the meantime I can take you surfing around here.. have fun!