Friday, April 10, 2009

Who has put that spell on me?

I think I've been through everything bad by now: Yesterday coming into a blind corner in twisty mountain roads, somebody spilled BUCKETS (!!!) of greasy, slimy fluids on the ENTIRE road! Ice has strong grip compared to that stuff! I was leaned over, almost made it through the entire 20 meters of slime, both tires entirely greased up, bike going left and right, but no... ...met the ground. Pretty much on top of a mountain and no rail guards! I couldn't even walk on this stuff without sliding. Good news: Only a few levers bend (have all the spares and tools), a minor bruise, that's it.

Good news: I had an entire nice remote beach by a lighthouse for myself, one Mexican family (far away) and a really nice couple to hang out with. She is from Australia and the guy from England happens to be one of the worlds most famous shark photographers.

Last stop was a sweet campground with pool, WiFi and an outlet next to the tent for the cost of a beer in a bar in SF. Breaks a little the adventure concept, but hey..'s the 21st century!!!

Odometer: 1470 miles, Riding: 27h


  1. Sounds like it's been an adventure so far.
    (I warned you about the Mexican police if you recall)

    Take care!


  2. Glad to know that you are OK! Especially nice every time I receive the GPS location emails.

  3. sooo, ich gebs zu, ich lese Deinen Blog auch.. ist ja nicht so, dass ich ganz versumpft bin ;-)
    Take care und liebe Grüße

  4. yup, cops in Mexico are known to be the most corrupt in the entire world. I ran into a perfect trap.

    My little GPS friend works nicely. I hope I never have to use the other (emergency) buttons.

    Thanks to all of you being with me on my trip. Feels like never being alone.

  5. glad you managed to get out of this without trouble. And that you got good advice beforehand! :)
    flat tires suck...